Celebrate "Yo Mama" on Mother's Day

No matter what, she is Yo mama, so let her know you appreciate her.

My brother and I have this strange tradition of sharing "Yo mama" jokes with each other. Yo' mama is so old her social security number is 1. It usually happens in the middle of a round of golf. Yo' mama is so big she had to have her own school bus. Don't worry, we never share Yo' mama jokes around Mama, but we often share them around people who are new to our company. Yo' mama is so ugly that one time she tried to enter an ugly contest and they said, "Sorry, no professionals allowed."

We usually start making Yo' mama jokes if our golf game goes south. The irony is so rich it makes us giggle. We have the same mom . . . and the same dad. We have tried to do Yo' daddy jokes but for some reason that's just not as funny. I wonder why? I think it's because Mom's are so special that the irony is lost when you insert Dad in the joke. Suddenly it's not funny because, although Dad his awesome, his memory is just not as endearing. The jokes just don't work the same.

If my brother and I were a little more honest with our golf company we wouldn't share Yo' Mama jokes, we would share about all the great ways mom helped us become who we are . . . known as the preacher and the lawyer at family reunions.

We would share words of admiration and respect instead of jokes.

  • Yo' mama is so cool she gave birth to you and nurtured you when you were defenseless.
  • Yo' mama was so stubborn that even though you were conceived out of wedlock with a man from the wrong side of the tracks according to her family, she had you anyway. . . and married him anyway.
  • Yo' mama is so special she spent lonely days just with you when Dad was away in the Army.
  • Yo' mama is so wonderful she packed your lunch, made your bed, drove you to school, helped you with your homework, fixed you dinner, said good night as you were falling to sleep . . . every day.
  • Yo' mama is so bold she once washed your mouth out with soap when you cussed at her.
  • Yo' mama is so great she never missed a birthday, an Easter, a Christmas, a graduation, an award ceremony, a playoff game.
  • Yo' mama is so focused she stayed with your dad seven years too long, just so you could grow up in a home with a Mom and a Dad.
  • Yo' mama is so giving she took a second job to try to save the home you grew up in.
  • Yo' mama is so creative she made the rental house into a home regardless of who owned it.
  • Yo' mama is so amazing she provided for your wedding even though she could barely buy clothes for herself.
  • Yo' mama is so supportive that she still encourages you and tells you that she is proud of you even though you are 42 years old and very accomplished in your own right.
  • Yo' mama ain't perfect, but she is yo' mama.
  • Yo' mama made a few mistakes along the way, but she is yo' mama.
  • Yo' mama might not have met your expectations for what you thought yo' mama should be, but she is yo' mama.

When you take a step back and reflect on what yo' mama has done for you over the years I think you might be compelled to give back a little . . . at least in some small way. Yo' Mama is so awesome you better call her today and tell her how much you appreciate her.


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