Unplug to Connect

Sometimes the best way to connect with people around us, is to unplug from our distractions.

In this day and age, I find it funny how disconnected we are even though we are so PLUGGED IN. With phones in hand or placed within view from our yoga mats, we are slaves to the technology but still a safe distance from human contact. It’s like we want to see who is calling just to decide that we are unavailable.

We disconnect from each other, friends + family. Pulling away retreating instead of finding love and compassion, time to listen or time to touch. Perhaps because we’ve neglected ourselves, it is hard to devote time to another. Either way, the failure to be present can manifest a the loved one turning away. Trust me, reading an email or texting does not make you present in someone’s life.

We disconnect from our own bodies and minds. Not checking in to view the bottled emotions that are swirling around inside of us. Emotions that on a physical level create tiny crashes building stress throughout our bodies.

One rainy morning last week, I pulled up to the bus stop with my kids. We sat there singing a song when I saw a neighbor accelerate down the street. He swerved around me in an irritated manner, creating a large sweeping arc that took him into the other lane, nearly the neighbor’s lawn. As he passed, I watched as he managed the car with the coffee mug at his mouth and bluetooth dangled from his ear. He rolled right through the stop sign just ahead and sped off.

I had no judgement for him. Clearly just happy that he had avoided me, I sent out a wish that he might take a few deep breaths before pressing on. Just a chance to let his mind catch up with his body and for a connection to be made.

About ten minutes later, the kids filed on to the bus + I headed off to my next morning stop. Turning out of my neighborhood, I saw police lights flashing and I drove up on my neighbor,  parked with his head hung receiving a ticket. Unfortunately, he didn’t take that break for himself … so the Universe saw fit to give him time for the catch-up.

In full disclosure, I have been known to have my lead foot firmly pressed against the accelerator. In fact, I am still dealing with the Universe’s blow from 2008 as I sped down I-95 anxious to get to the beach. That angel was sent in a Virginia State Trooper uniform. That ticket keeps me from being a Girl Scout volunteer and adding one more thing to my activities. See how that all works? When you can’t put yourself in a time out…

Yoga brings awareness of how we connect our mind, body + breath. Driving with our foot down on the pedal, gulping coffee + sipping short breaths in between, creates internal havoc. Just reading it makes me feel anxiety. Instead, of meeting up with a police officer or worse, how about taking three deep breaths wherever we are? Connect with what is going on in your body. The emotions you are feeling.

The same works with a loved one. Stop, breathe and listen. Treat them as you would want to be treated. Let go of your anger, hurt and other emotions and just be present. Let go of the thoughts running rampant in your mind while they talk. Look into their eyes and just breathe.

Today, is a great day to start. Unplug, breathe and connect.

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