Comfort Coffee

How much do you love your coffee?

There is something about waking up in the morning to my first cup of coffee. Some people drink coffee out of habit, some people drink coffee for the wake up, I drink coffee for the experience.

I received a Keurig from my Mom and Dad for Christmas. This was facilitated by my 15-year-old. She knows I would never have purchased such a frivolous item for myself so she and my parents decided to surprise me. I was thrilled. Each morning I wake up before everyone else. It is very peaceful when the rest of the family is sleeping. My Keurig and the K-Cup spinner are on the counter in a special spot. It's like an old friend waiting to greet me. First I have to pick which coffee mug I want. The cupboard holds an array of different flavors and I ponder which one to pick depending on my mood. If I am feeling immature and kid-like, I pick a Disney Mug. My teenager mood picks a large mug with hearts or whimsical flowers. When I am actually feeling my age I still grab a large mug, but it is much more conservative in it's decor. I then go to the spinner and look over all the flavors. It does not take long before I choose the one that was calling me. There is a particular process that you have to go through to set up the coffee maker to brew that one special cup. Sometimes I am in such a hurry I skip a step, but my Keurig always forgives me and does it's job. My coffee comes out steaming hot, just the way I like it. I pick up the cup, wrap my hands tightly around it and hook my thumb into the handle. My eyes close and my nose is pleased with the delicious smell. I carry it to the couch and sit in my favorite spot. I ponder, I Facebook or I study my Bible.

I love my morning cup of coffee. How do you feel about yours?

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Gail Lane March 08, 2012 at 04:34 PM
Hi! My name is Gail and I love my coffee, too. I even love a morning cup in the middle of the afternoon sometimes! I sometimes think the ritual of making it, hearing the gurgle and then the smell of coffee is just as important as the actual consumption!
Sharon Swanepoel March 08, 2012 at 05:33 PM
My morning ritual is much the same - except with hot tea instead of coffee. Morning doesn't start until that first shot of caffeine - no matter how you get it! I can't see myself going for the whole inhaling thing though. I like to taste my caffeine - whether in coffee or tea.
David Binder March 09, 2012 at 07:09 PM
I'm right there with y'all. Working 2nd shift I drink coffee from 9 am till about 9 pm (I have no problem with caffeine keeping me up at night). I'm by no means a coffee snob. But I like good coffee. Strong & full bodied. Starbucks is ok. Just ok. Nothing fancy. Black with a little sugar & an espresso shot. BUT, my all time 1st choice prefrence is Dunkin Donuts coffee. I but it at the grocery store. No drip maker for me. At home my brew goest through an old fashioned percolator. Again, black with sugar. 2-3 cups in the am to get me going, another cup around 5, and if I'm working my last around 7-8. Last month I went to give blood & they said my blood was a little on the brown side & smelled fresh brewed.
Gina March 12, 2012 at 12:37 PM
Gotta have my coffee! Just some sugar, creamer, that's it! I usually buy MaxwellHouse French Roast or Folger's Black Silk. Can't afford Starbuck's.
Sheryl Shaker March 12, 2012 at 07:43 PM
I like that the Keurig has a reusable cup -- you add your own coffee and avoid the waste of all the packaging from those K-cups.


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