Lights Over Grayson Again – UFOs or Early Meteor Shower?

Strange lights over Grayson have been reported on UFO Stalker three times this year.

Last month, Grayson was mentioned on the UFO Stalker website for the third time this year. The first reporting was in February, then again in May, and finally there was a reporting on July 16. Whatever these reported unidentified flying objects are, they appear to have skipped Loganville. There are no reported sightings of UFOs anywhere over the skies of Loganville.

On July 16, 2012, the person reporting the sighting in Grayson writes:

"I was on a friends front porch having a discussion when I noticed an extremely bright stationary light out of the corner of my eye, and dismissed it thinking it was a tower. My friend said something about it and we studied it further and noticed it was not a tower. The object was over a mile away and got increasingly bright as if to be moving toward us. The object started moving in precise geometric movements to the right and then downwards. The object turned upwards very quickly. It then moved to the right again and the light seemed to be dimming. It ultimately dissapeared. Me and my two friends then started discussing all possibilities of what it could have been. We came to the conclusion that no man-made craft could have fit the description of what we saw. The best way to describe what we saw was an unidentified flying object not of this world.

On Feb. 13/14, the person gave the following account

"I was driving home from my friend’s house on highway 78 in Snellville/Grayson. Then I turned left on Grayson pkwy and I noticed about 15 to 20 bright orange spheres in a line above the trees to my right. I pulled into my driveway and ran to my backyard and could now only see about 4 or 5 of them. They had changed patterns. They were circling each other. They kept getting lower until it was almost like they disappeared. It was hard to say how far away they were. From the time I got in my backyard they were gone within 3 minutes or so. When I first noticed them I thought it was possibly some lights from a cell tower but then they starting moving. I woke my husband up and we sat outside for a few hours but they did not return."

The May sighting was reported inat the time.

Does anyone else believe they have seen these same lights over Grayson? Is there a Loganville resident who can report that UFOs have indeed been seen over the skies of the city, just not reported?


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