Christmas Tree Magik

I was drinking my eggnog and wrapping my presents, and what to my wondering eyes whould appear??? A Christmas Tree's story...

Yes folks, I'm pretty sure my Christmas tree is a girl. How do I know that -you ask? Well, I will tell you.

T’was the day before Christmas and I hugged my Christmas tree, yes, yes I did,  feeling so Thankful of what it all symbolizes.

Excited, I gathered all my wrapping supplies and fixed a celebratory glass of eggnog, well, maybe a couple- few glasses of it. You see, I had lots to celebrate..

While wrapping presents and drinking my (spiked) eggnog , I had visions dancing in my head,  of all the gardening I would be doing this year,

but I also kept hearing a whispered... “Help me”! “Help me”!

I looked around -and thought I was going a tad crazy.... ok, ok, I said to myself... Back to wrapping... and sipping...

I started thinking of what a great year it has been in my garden and I was getting excited because I know that the garden season ends December 31st and begins again on January 1st...

What awesome thoughts!


Then, all of a sudden I heard a loud rustling and then a lot of  tinkling... Quickly, I looked towards the living room, and what to my wondering eyes should appear?

I actually saw my tree moving! She bent over, picked up her skirt and flew to the window and threw open the blinds... She was looking out towards the woods with great excitement.

“What.......... in......... the........ world..?”  I managed to ask.

Believe it or not, she turned from the window, looking so happy, and said “Will you help me, please? “

Stunned, I said.. “Umm... I.. will... try..?”


With a twinkle in her star and a twist of her limbs, She said

“ Ok! See, I want to be a bird house when I grow up and get old"..

Half- laughingly, I replied...  “A bird house!?”...

“Yes!”, she said with conviction.....and she told me her Christmas Tree Magik story....

“See, I lived for a long time in one place, in a forest with lots of other trees, with birdies visiting us constantly, singing to us.Then one day, people started coming to visit us. I knew it was my turn to leave home, so I tried to stand tall and look prettier than the other trees. See, Its in my pine heart to do great things- and I knew I would be a great Christmas tree..& thankfully, you picked me! You took me into your home. You gave me sparkly jewelry, warm lights and lots of presents... and I love all of this, but I feel like I still have more to do...and I really miss the birdies...” 

I stood there for a second, blinking... and thinking: Wow this is some great eggnog... I had to laugh in spite of myself, and I finally realized I had nothing to dread...

I heard myself ask “What do you want me to do?”

She happily answered back, saying “After Christmas, when you take off all my jewelry and lights, and when all the presents that I watched over, are gone, Could you please help me get back to the woods? Just drag me out there and lay me down -so that the birds can sit in my branches again, safe from the other animals....I can be a bird house.. and I can return to mother earth.” 

Absolutely amazed, I said... “Well, heck no, you aren’t real.. Now get back in your corner, sweety”.....

Just kidding... I didn’t say that. I didn’t want to hurt her feelings. But seriously, if you did go out and cut a tree down for your Christmas tree, instead of trashing your tree, just take the tinsel off and drag it to a safe place in the woods- and let it "be something when it grows up and gets old”...  like a bird house... 

So enjoy your eggnog, and while you're at it, hug your family and your Christmas tree today!

Happy Christmas to all and to All a great garden!  ~Melissa, Johnny and Travis


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