Are you prepared? New Year Resolutions- or Resolu-Shuns?

Times are changing. Are you prepared? Was your New Year Resolution about Self-Reliance or was it just a regular ole Resolu-shun?

I hope that this will be a great year for everybody! Are you sticking to your New Year’s Resolution? I’ve been trying to think of all the resolutions I want to make, thought about making, and will make. I also thought about all the ones I've broken- or shunned- in the past years. I called them my Resolu-Shuns.. I have tons of ideas this year though! So, I would like to propose trying something different than the usual stuff like weight loss or “working out at the gym” plans. First, let me explain something. Originally, this message was for a different forum that I write for. After submitting it to them, they politely let me know that they didn't think the clients would like this very much, because their clients are wealthy -and would be offended that I bring up such a thing as "Self-Reliance". Wow. I explained to them that even wealthy people might like to be prepared. I also explained that I understand the content is a tough thing to think about, but it is real. So, with that being explained, here is my piece.

 Let’s close our eyes and go back in time for just a second. Go back to the the “olden days”.. Seriously, don’t laugh. Just do it. What kind of resolutions did people make back then? Did they want to learn more about ways to prepare or store all the produce they harvested? Did they decide that they would pass on an art that was getting lost? Did they resolve to help a neighbor more often? I wonder what their resolutions were. I’m just positive that they didn’t think about stuff like being cute or skinny. I’m sure their resolutions were extremely more self-reliant than self-centered. No matter what your resolution might be, can we think “outside” this year and not just “outside the box”?

Think about this. When the bad storm “Sandy” hit the the east coast, they were not really prepared. All they could do was evacuate. Can we learn from tragedies like that- and be prepared in some way, no matter how small? They couldn’t even run to a store after the storm. Everything was shut down or destroyed. Can you imagine how the people still feel right now? Think. What if power went out for a few days, or even a week around here, do you have a stash of charcoal to cook with? Have you got a serious box of matches to light the grill? Have you got a Coleman lantern, or those wind-up lanterns ... or even those windup flashlights that can actually charge a cell phone? Have you grown anything that you saved the seeds from, in case you need to grow more food? Did you do any canning this year from your garden, or from your hunting trip? (Canned meat is a pretty awesome source of protein to have around. It doesn’t require refrigeration either). Have you made any kind of meat jerky? Do you know how? Do you know anyone who even cans any meats? I have a cousin in North Carolina, who cans Bear Meat. I even interviewed him: http://youtu.be/rwZp3O_PhEQ

Maybe you already consider yourself “prepared” because you can just run to a grocery store a couple days before a storm and stock up. But, where will you be if something happens and there is no grocery store, and no electricity to run the check card machines. What then? A lot of people don’t think too deeply about all this (because it’s a painful subject to think about) and on top of that, it seems foreign to us. It's true that here in the United States, we are constantly trying to catch up. Life seems to move too fast for us to keep up with a garden. But, maybe this year we should be prepared ahead of time. We are so accustomed to being able to run to the store and get what we need. Maybe a good resolution would be just to learn about some things that we don’t want to learn about. I’m not saying to get extreme about it, but I don’t think the “preppers” are too far off the mark when it comes to trying to be prepared- especially during a bad storm?

 I know, this is not a story of “happy fairies and unicorns” for you to read, especially right here at the beginning of 2013, but it is a very “real life” thing to think about. Make this year awesome by doing one thing that can help you become more prepared than you are now. A true blue resolution to be more Self-reliant, and not just a resolu-Shun that can easily be forgotten.

 Hey, life throws a lot of things at us, but we still need to plan ahead. One of the best things we can do for our family would be to learn about the art of being self reliant. Maybe, teach a child how to grow a vegetable! Or maybe you should have fun and learn how to grow a vegetable. We all like to think we are pretty smart, but how smart are we if we have no idea of how to take care of our family if something crazy happens? Wow! I know, it's a pretty scary thought.

 Ok, you can open your eyes. Are you ready to lean into the winds of 2013 now ~and learn something new!?? I sure hope so.. Do not be afraid~ Be prepared and you will be much happier! I sure do hope you have a very prepared, self-reliant and Very Happy 2013!

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