Meet the Candidates: Eileen Waring

The former Loganville city councilwoman is running again for one of the three open seats in the 2013 general election.

Candidate Eileen Waring is running for Loganville City Council in the 2013 general election. Credit: Eileen Waring
Candidate Eileen Waring is running for Loganville City Council in the 2013 general election. Credit: Eileen Waring

Loganville-Grayson Patch is running profile pieces on the different candidates running in the city council race in November.

For the city of Loganville, three at-large seats are open on the council and the mayor's seat also is open. Seven residents have qualified as candidates for the council, and two candidates are running for mayor. Eileen Waring is one of the candidates running for city council.

Name: Eileen A. Waring
How long have you lived in Loganville? 24 years
Educational background: Attended Wesley College – Dover, Delaware; Attended DeKalb Jr. College – Stone Mountain, Georgia; Received numerous certificates of achievements & accomplishments in my continuing education.
Family: Daughter, Christina, and Granddaughter, Savannah.
Military Background: Father career military and I grew up in the military and attended schools on military bases.
Occupation: Retired Finance and Administration from international chemical engineering company; Retired Administrator, West Walton Precinct of Walton County Sheriff Office under Sheriff Joe Chapman

Have you ran for/served previously on city council? If so, when? Served on Loganville City Council 2003-2004 and 2009-2010.

What inspired you to run this term? Since retiring in March of this year, I have had the opportunity and ability to poll the citizens, their families and the businesses of Loganville and listen to what they are saying and to bring those desires and needs to the table within the government – to speak for the people and work for the people.

What are some of the notable projects you’ve helped or spearheaded in the past?
a) Under Mayor Gene Matthews, I assisted in bringing the Veterans Memorial to Loganville which honors all branches of the military as well as firefighters and law enforcement.
b) Under Mayor Ray Nunnely and as chair of parks assisted in creating Destination Park. The only park of its kind in the Gwinnett County side of Loganville.
c) As a charter member of Kiwanis (over 100 year old organization serving children of the world) past and present President,  instrumental in contributing monies to Loganville Library for their summer reading program, special Olympics, Shepards Staff, Child Advocacy Center, Loganville HS Career & Technical information and many more projects.

What are some immediate projects you want to work on if you win the council seat?  
a) In speaking with Loganville citizens, families and businesses I find we are being asked to seek a venue and solicit a hotel and conference center.  This would open the doors for more jobs as well as a location for business negotiations while visiting our city prospective residents and businesses could stay in comfort while investigating our wonderful city. The hotel would NOT be an extended stay.
b) Additionally, a satellite college or technical school campus would allow for continuing education without the trials of traveling long distances keeping the monies for education in our city.
c) Work with the civic organizations of Loganville i.e. Kiwanis, Rotary, Lions to establish within the Gaither Park equipment for handicap and blind children.  Presently, Walton County does not have such a park.  There is a need in Loganville.

How would you accomplish those goals?
a) Presently the Hwy. 78 corridor is inundated with fast foods and shopping centers.
b) The Hwy. 81 corridor provides a perfect venue for the above right across the road from Meridian Park. It is the now defunct Walton Pond which offers plenty of acreage, city water and sewer and underground utilities.
c) Once the location is chosen the city would solicit approximately five reputable (5) hotels. The hotels interested usually have their departments send out teams   to investigate the numbers and viability of such a venture. In so doing, they would create a plan to present their plan to the council.
d) The same would be said of a satellite college or technical school campus.

What are some of your long-term goals for the city?  How would you accomplish them?
a) Our city needs to present a visually, attractive appearance while traveling the Hwy. 78 corridor in order to attract quality businesses. Our appearance and our traffic would be two (2) important long term goals facing our city.
b) To accomplish these citizens would be asked to organize and form a committee and along with the city pursue the Department of Transportation. This would be done on a monthly basis and allow our name to be kept on the front burner of the DOT. The committee would bring to their attention the need of traffic lights in critical areas as well as needed turn lanes, etc. Continue to communicate with DOT until answers and representatives are brought to our city to work with us.
c) Additionally to accomplish the attractiveness of the city.  Pursue legal avenues to force abandoned shopping centers from remaining vacant and yet refusing to sell the center and pave the way for viable businesses to operate.  We have some centers which are grandfathered and they cannot be forced to sell or occupy.  This is not growth but blight.
d) Finally our Hwy. 78 Corridor is not visually attractive. We must take a serious look at improving the quality of the corridor and improving the overall look.  There has been enough discussion on this matter. It is time to act. I would ask the Citizens Advisory Committee and the city to come up with a drawing, budget the money and begin the project as it is not going away.

What do you think is the greatest challenge facing Loganville, and how would you approach it? 
I believe all of the items listed above come under the cities greatest challenges, but also:
a) Loganville needs to be able to offer more than fast foods and shopping centers.
b) We must grow our city but grow gracefully with an emphasis on satellite offices of major companies to assist in stabilizing property taxes.
c) Improve our codes and laws to allow businesses to start up without the heavy upfront costs imposed by the city.
d) Work in concert with the chambers to bring viable businesses to our city.
e) Maintaining infrastructure.

Is there anything you want to add? I would welcome the voters to contact me either through my website www.voteeileenwaring.com or telephone me at 770-696-6203. I am available to the voters and will answer any questions.  If I do not have the answers I will investigate and get the answers.


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