The Top 10 Stories in Loganville & Grayson for 2012

Based on the number if people reading, sharing and commenting, these were the top stories on Loganville-Grayson Patch for 2012.

It's been a great year at the Loganville and Grayson Patch! It was one of elections and apocalyptic prophecy, meteor showers and sports excellence. In Loganville & Grayson, it would seem that readers are most engaged in those with local connections. We've enjoyed the banter, the leads, and the fellowship as we celebrated the big wins and together, faced those difficult life stories.

Here were the top 10 stories of the year:

1. Former Loganville Funeral Director's License Suspended After He Dismembers Body 

In early October, William Ellenberg lost his license after a bizarre series of events including dismemberment of a rather large corpse.

2. Inside LPD Reports: Men Get Into Fight Over Car Sale at Auto Auction 

In November, a fight broke out over a customer ... or over a Volvo ... police and paramedics were called to the scene. Salesmen were arrested and the customer left without a Volvo. 


It was a particularly deadly summer at Lake Lanier. In July, Kyle Glover, the son of Usher's former wife, was injured in a jet-ski accident. Unfortunately, Kyle did not survive the accident and was buried on July 27. This story was closely followed in our "most read" by the headline Usher Stepson Critically Injured in Lake Lanier Collision  

4. Is Powerball's $325 Million Jackpot Enough? 

Dare to dream! The November jackpot gave us all something to think about and dream about with the win. Comments from hopefuls ran from heartfelt to practical.

5. Help Sought in Search for Missing Grayson Man 

Many Grayson residents got in their own cars and went out to look for Derek Buford when he was reported missing in August. Buford was found alive in Florida in September. 

6. LHS Graduate Killed by Suicide Bomb in Afghanistan 

On Aug. 8, Maj. W. David Gray, a 1992 Loganville High School graduate, was killed in action in Afghanistan. Many were reminded that Operation Enduring Freedom, which seems so far away, is really a part of our lives.

7. Attempted Child Abduction Reported at Bay Creek Park in Loganville 

An alert parent reported the attempt at this popular sports park that sits between Grayson and Loganville on Sept. 19. On Sept. 21, Gwinnett County Police announced they had  Jean Patrick Souffrant in custody on charges of kidnapping.

8. Loganville-Grayson Pics & Clips 

This photojournalistic opportunity to share a piece of each reader's life throughout the year is one of our favorite parts of Patch! We look forward to seeing Loganville and Grayson through YOUR eyes in the coming year.

9. Update: Teenager Shot to Death in Grayson 

This shocking story on the last day of school before the Christmas holidays is still developing, and our prayers and thoughts are with the family of 14-year old Paul Sampleton and also with those in law enforcement who continue to investigate his murder.

10. Trending on Facebook: So How Does Your Broom Stand? 

Who knows why? But in March, the big story was about brooms ... standing alone! 

What was YOUR favorite story from the Loganville-Grayson Patch for 2012?


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