"Private Citizen" Chuck Bagley Talks About His Future and Walton County's Challenges

Advises citizens to become educated and get involved.

As Chuck Bagley steps away from the Walton County District 2 Commission seat, he takes on the challenges of building a business and more importantly, taking care of his wife. Fran, who is recovering from a broken hip sustained in early December is currently in physical therapy. Bagley says her recovery is his main responsibility; the goal is to get Fran "back to everyday activities limp free."

He has located a consulting business in the City of Loganville, specializing in issues of local government - "be it county or city." His market place will encompass the entire state; making use of his contacts within the Association of County Commissioners of Georgia and the Georgia Municipal Association.

Of his time on the Walton BOC, he feels his most significant accomplishment was takin the lead on the approval of the contract for a new building on Walton County Government Complex property. "This building is paid for by the State of Georgia," says Bagley. "It houses the Department of Human Services, Division of Family and Children Services and Division of Child Support Services." The facility is expected to open in January 2013.

"I also feel good about the part I played as a member of the Hard Labor Creek Reservoir Management Board securing the 32 Million Dollars low interest loans to complete the project," says Bagley.

Bagley sees the biggest challenge facing Walton County in 2013 is a matter of experience on the Board of the Commissioiners. "Half the members of the Board of Commissioners did not have one day’s experience in local government prior to taking office." Some are just now realizing that when done properly, "the job of County Commissioner is not a part-time job."

He advises the citizens of Walton County to become educated about the processes of government. "Hold elected officials city, county and state accountable for the actions or lack of actions and please get involved to become part of the solution."

In the meantime, those residents of Walton County and Loganville who have been getting his e-mail updates will continue to do so. Bagley intends to keep the citizens informed. 


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