Local Opportunities Abound to View Rare 2012 Planetary Event

Opportunity offered in Loganville, Ga. to view the last time Venus transits the sun this century. Astronomer's telescopes will be available for this rare event.

June 5/6 2012, is the last time Venus will pass across the face of the sun for the next 105 years. There are several opportunities locally, including in Loganville, Ga., to watch this now once in a lifetime event. 

According to NASA, Venus travelled this path across the sun in 2004 and after June 5/6, it won't do so again until 2117. This event happens in an odd pairing with Tuesday's event the second part of the latest pairing. It will last overnight to Wednesday, but will only be visible in the United States at the beginning. The sun will set before the event ends.

Venus will be seen as a small dot gliding slowly across the face of the sun, the Transit of Venus website explains. Experts warn viewers to take precautions and not stare directly into the sun. Experts, however, will have equipment available in several local sites for people who want this one time shot at a rare planetary event.

Loganville/Grayson: The Charlie Elliott Chapter of the Atlanta Astronomy Club offers telescope viewings at Bay Creek Park (near the soccer field), 175 Ozora Road, Loganville. 5:30-7 p.m. Tuesday.

Covington: The Charlie Elliott Chapter of the Atlanta Astronomy Club is also setting up telescopes from 5-8 p.m. Tuesday at Martin's Crossing Shopping Center, 9176 U.S. 278. 

Stone Mountain Park: Viewings through telescopes provided by Atlanta Astronomy Club members 5-8 p.m. Tuesday atop the mountain. Public can walk up the 1.3-mile trail or ride the Summit Skyride. U.S. 78 E., Exit 8, Stone Mountain. 770-498-5690.

Dacula: A viewing party will be held at , 3855 Fence Road in Dacula, from 5:30 p.m. to 8:45 p.m. According to the astronomy club website, three telescopes will be available at Little Mulberry for safe viewing of the transit as well as a limited number of solar glasses.

For those who can't make it out to a viewing party, the Transit of Venus event will be carried live on the SLOOH space camera site



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