High Fire Danger Conditions Today

The National Weather Service warns dry fuels mixed with low relative humidity and winds is a recipe for high fire danger. These conditions exist for several areas, including Walton and Gwinnett Counties.

A fire danger statement has been issued for Walton and Gwinnett counties and other parts of north and central Georgia for Thursday afternoon and evening.

According to the National Weather Service, the statement was issued because low relative humidity, dry fuels and winds have created potentially dangerous conditions.

The Georgia Forestry Commission notes no permits are being issued at this time in due to hazardous fire danger.  

The Georgia Emergency Management Agency’s Ready Georgia campaign offers the following advice about how to take certain precautions and stay informed about the possible dangers related to fire:

Prepare for Wildfire

  • Get a disaster supplies kit and prepare a portable Ready kit in case you have to evacuate.
  • Keep household items on hand that can be used as fire tools: rake, axe, handsaw or chainsaw, bucket and shovel.
  • Design and landscape your home with wildfire safety in mind.
    • Create a 30- to 100-foot safety zone around your home by keeping flammable vegetation in this area to a minimum.
    • Use fire-resistant materials when building, renovating or retrofitting structures.
    • Remove tree limbs within 15 feet of the ground and remove debris from under decks and porches.
    • Install spark arrestors in chimneys and stovepipes.
    • Identify and maintain an adequate outside water source, such as a small pond.

Make a Plan

  • Plan several escape routes away from your home, by car and by foot.
  • Remember, you cannot outrun a wildfire. If you are caught by the fire:
    • Crouch in a pond or river and cover your head and upper body with wet clothing.
    • If water is not available, look for shelter in a cleared area or among a bed of rocks.
    • Breathe the air closest to the ground.

Stay Informed

  • Be aware of recent weather. A long period without rain increases the risk of wildfire.
  • Monitor radio, NOAA Weather Radio or television for the latest updates.
  • Follow the instructions of local officials. If advised to evacuate, do so immediately.
  • Visit the Georgia Forestry Commission website.


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