Christmas Carol Flash Mob Bring Cheer to Shoppers

Mall of Georgia shoppers were treated to a chorus of carolers last week.

Jason Johnson, of Loganville, and a group his family and friends and treated shoppers at the Mall of Georgia to a Christmas Carol flash mob.

“I wanted to do something different this year with my kids – every year I try to come up with different things,” Johnson said. “This year it just happened to be caroling.”

Johnson said he posted it on Facebook and other people wanted to join in and that’s when he decided to take it out the neighborhood and to the Mall of Georgia.

“I had seen a flash mob Youtube video that my wife actually played and showed me and as I watched the video it stirred my spirit,” Johnson said. This is not the first time he has been stirred to do something different as a declaration of his faith. . Before embarking on the flash mob, however, Johnson approached the management at Mall of Georgia to get it cleared. To his delight, he got the go ahead.

“I left there with my mind racing on how many I would invite,” Johnson said. “We ended up with 21 and about 15 didn't show.”

A YouTube video was made of the Christmas Carol flash mob.


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