Around the Region: Dead Cow Mystery, Bizarre Drug-Related Behavior and How to Attract a Cop’s Attention in One Easy Step

A look at top Patch stories from around Georgia.

– Douglasville Patch

 It wasn’t a case of bovine murder after all.

The  recently began an investigation into a livestock shooting in the area of Cowan Mill and Mason Creek Roads. A cow belonging to Nolan Kell was found dead on his property and, due to a similar case a few years ago, it was feared that someone had shot the animal from the roadway.

An investigation and necropsy performed by staff from the University of Georgia determined the animal had not been shot. However, the cause of death remains undetermined.

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– Cartersville Patch

Synthetic marijuana use is being blamed for a Cartersville man’s bizarre behavior during a July 10 encounter with police.

A resident called police to report a man crawling on the ground, talking to himself while pulling up grass and digging in the dirt. When authorities arrived, the man jumped in the Etowah River, but emerged after a brief talk with firefighters and the ambulance crew.

The man said he had been drinking and smoking synthetic marijuana when he became extremely thirsty and went to the home in search of water. He was jailed on two outstanding warrants.

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– Alpharetta-Milton Patch

An Alpharetta man managed to draw attention to himself by reportedly tossing a prescription drug bottle out of a car when he noticed a marked police cruiser behind the vehicle.

Once the officer in the K9 vehicle saw the bottle tossed out of the car, he turned on his blue lights to make a traffic stop as the driver pulled into the Waffle House parking lot. The driver initially denied throwing the prescription drugs out the window, but later changed his story and admitted not only that he bought the pills and tossed them out of the car window, but also that he had an outstanding warrant in Fulton County.

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