Sometimes Ya Gotta Write a Letter

There may be some law against this, but if it was proposed in the last few years, Congress never got around to voting on it....

Count Raoul is not really worried, but he’s really mad. My business career has taken me inside the halls of Washington, where I watched the sausage being made. It’s ugly, but at least you get to eat. Every American needs to consider printing out this letter (below), addressing it to your congressman and to your senators, signing it and faxing it on. Fax numbers can be found here. 

Trust me, a fax carries more weight than an email, and first class mail spends a month in Kansas being studied. You will need to include your address because
they only listen to constituents. Oh, and you might want to tone it down.


Dear _____________________

This is me, your boss.  I’ve had it with you and your promises of working with the other party and in the end lining up like a bird on a wire right behind your caucus leaders and grandstanding old war horses. This has gone on long enough. Thanks to the so called Fiscal Cliff, America is soon to face difficult rises in taxes and forced cuts to our military and needed benefits while you and your friends attempt to position yourself for some committee chair or Sunday Talk Show.

Seriously, we all are mad as hell at all of you. Don’t you dare point at the other party’m talking to you. Sure, we shake your hand at the supermarket and the ball game and would never tell you to your face how much you disappoint us, but you do. America is a land of compromise and sometimes you just have to take a break from the party politics and move your fat a** towards the middle. I’m a Georgia Bulldog and we hope to win every game. But if we are up against a better team, we don’t take the damn ball and go home refusing to compete. You do! Rather than meet in the middle on a single issue, you and your teammates insist on doing nothing. America isn’t looking for elected officials who do nothing. DO SOMETHING!

I don’t care if you put all the issues in a big hat, flip a coin and started drawing them out onezy-twozy. Democrats draw out the ‘tax issue’………… go make a law.   GOP draws the military……… go set a budget. Back and forth until you get the damn thing sorted out. Oh, but you idiots had better not spend a single dime more than you collect in taxes so use your heads, boys and girls. Consider this your assignment for the next 45 days. Screw it up and you’re fired. Do nothing and you’re fired. Hot enough for ya, buster?

Consider this letter your Notice of Proposed Disciplinary Action. It is going in your file. I want action in Washington and I want it now. You can be fired for cause and your inaction is all the cause I need. My retirement savings are being threatened by your political gamesmanship. You are being watched.

With affection, I am:



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Nuala Martin November 14, 2012 at 10:59 PM
Love this idea. Will definitely fax and thank you for posting for us all!
Nuala Martin November 14, 2012 at 11:00 PM
Love this . Brilliantly said!! Will definitely fax and thank you for posting for us all!
prudence November 14, 2012 at 11:13 PM
Kinda confused are you hpaay about the election? I have friends stil on suicide watch Anyway, John Barrow must be doing "something" as hea has been plopped everywhere in the state and contines to be elected. Thank you
Nancy Revnes November 15, 2012 at 12:42 AM
You bet... I have never been so interested in our government. I'm watching. The government should be run like a business, and the elected officials should work on fair and decent compromises, and they should maintain a professional atmosphere and make us proud of them. What is going on? Please...Truth, Semper Fidelis, In God We Trust, Honesty. And Romney had the wrong campaign manager- it was a weak campaign. Obamacare is trouble. Bah Humbug
Louise November 15, 2012 at 07:48 PM
Way to go Count! I LOVE IT!


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