New Mobile Yoga Business Stretches Across Gwinnett County

New business brings standup paddleboard yoga on water to the local area.

This month, local resident and yogini, Megan Kearney celebrates the launch of her new business MOBI yogi, a mobile yoga class that comes to residences, schools and businesses, even lakes.

MOBI yogi travels to any location teaching yoga to anyone, any level and any age. MOBI yogi offers classes for prenatal, babies, children, seniors, cancer survivors, and of course, adults. MOBI yogi offers private classes on a standup paddleboard at local lakes.

Not only traveling to students, the MOBI yogi teamed up with local martial arts studios to offer set classes. MOBI yogi can be found at B&B Tae Kwon Do on Main Street Loganville, a couple times a week and at Chi Kwang Do Academy in Lilburn two Saturdays a month. Free community classes (donations welcome) are also held at residences in Loganville and Buford weekly but space is limited.

“I think people are either too intimated to step foot in a studio or their schedules don’t sync with a studio’s,” said Kearney. “I come when their schedule suits them and into their comfort zone [their home, church or office] and teach to them privately or a small group of their friends.”

Kearney hopes to work with local businesses to help de-stress the work place with daytime yoga, even offering classes to firefighters in another local county. As a mother to three children under the age of seven, Kearney also hopes to bring yoga practice to local schools and preschools this Fall. Her “Yoga for Survivors” Class will no doubt find a home at local hospitals and support groups.

“There really isn’t a segment of the population out there, who can’t benefit from yoga. So I am really open to going and teaching wherever!” quips Kearney, who suggests that even local non-profits might even benefit from her classes.
“I am hoping that organizations who need benefits for their membership will see the value in hiring me to privately teach their members,” adds Kearney. “What a great way to bring a member to your location and show them you care about their wellness, without breaking the budget. You are giving your membership so many tangible benefits.”

Most of all, the former Maryland-resident hopes that standup paddling yoga takes off.

“When you combine the calmness and the flow of the water, time comes to a stand still,” she muses. “Being in nature and finding balance within yourself and on the board, is a pretty awesome experience.” She warns with a chuckle, that there is the occasional fall, “so you wear a bathing suit and you bring a sense of humor. And leave intensity on the shoreline.”

Kearney, who has been teaching yoga since 2010, is expected to receive her 200 hour Yoga Alliance teaching certificate in May from the Savannah Yoga Center. She holds a degree in sports management from the University of Maryland and has been a USAT Level I triathlon coach, swim coach, personal trainer and group fitness instructor. Her real passion has been yoga.
“I saw first hand the healing benefits of yoga,” says Kearney. “The Type-A athlete in me had over-muscled everything and sacrificed flexibility.”

A cervical spine injury sidelined Kearney in 2008, putting her training and her businesses at the time, a Stroller Strides franchise and a women’s multisport team aptly named Go Mama Go, on hold.

“Life came to a halt,” admits Kearney “but I learned how to slow down and heal. Yoga helped me deal with the stress and helped me rebuild my body and mind. Everyone should experience the benefits of a yoga practice.”
For more information, visit www.themobiyogi.com

Contributed by Meagan Kearney


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