Preliminaries, Re-checks and A, B, and C's in Loganville/Grayson Restaurant Inspections

A look at the most recent restaurant inspections for Loganville and Grayson restaurants by the East Metro Health and Northeast Health districts.

The East Metro Health District and Northeast Health Districts are tasked with ensuring restaurant compliance with applicable health and safety regulations. Restaurants in Loganville fall in one of these districts depending on the county in which they are located. Restaurants in Grayson fall under the East Metro Health District.

The following restaurant scores are the most recent scores available for local restaurants from both of these districts for January 2013. Click on the score to get the full report.

East Metro Health District - Gwinnett County

Bassanos Pizzeria, 3939 Atlanta Highway, Suite 101, Loganville

Date:    1/23/2013

Grade:    76    C


534 Athens Highway, Loganville,

Date:    1/23/2013

Score:    91    A


Johnny’s Pizza, 4132 Atlanta Highway, Suite 201, Loganville,

Date:    1/4/2013

Score:    100    A


KFC 6135138, 4065 US Highway 78, Loganville

Date:    1/22/2013 (NA)

Score:    100    A


Suki Japanese Restaurant, 150 Highway 78, Suite 800, Loganville

Date:    1/3/2013

Score:    71    C

Date:    1/9/2013 (re-check)

Score:    92    A


Thai Taste Restaurant, 1009 Highway 78, Suite 1, Loganville

Date:    12/31/2013

Score:    72    C

Date:    1/10/2013 (re-check)

Score:    87    B

1190 Grayson Highway, Grayson

Date:    1/22/2013

Score:    86    B

1911 Grayson Highway, Suite 9, Grayson

Date:    1/24/2013

Score:    91    A          


KFC/Taco Bell, 1855 Grayson Highway, Grayson

Date:    1/10/2013

Score:    96    A


Pancake House, 1911 Grayson Highway, Suite 5, Grayson

Date:    1/10/2013

Score:    85    B


Salamandras, 1911 Grayson Highway, Suite 1, Grayson

Date:    1/25/2013

Score:    91    A


Northeast Health District - Walton County

Get restaurant reports here.

Dairy Queen-Loganville, 4726 Highway 78, Loganville

Date:      1/15/2013

Score:    94 


Lin’s Garden, 4325 Atlanta Highway,  Suite 4, Loganville

Date:      1/16/2013

Score:     82

Loganville Elementary School, SR 81, Loganville

Date:      1/18/2013

Score:     99


Subway – Walnut Grove, 1841 Walnut Ave., Suite 200-B, Covington

Date:    1/22/2013

Score:    94


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