Islands Sounds From The Heart Of Grayson

Nellie Torres, of Grayson, and her family of Hula dancers brought the sultry music and dance of the Polynesian islands to a Loganville parking lot recently for the grand opening of Rey's Cuban Cafe.

When he was looking for entertainment for the grand opening of his restaurant recently, Councilman Rey Martinez didn’t have to look very far. A customer from, Nellie Torres, had just the answer.

“She is one of my regulars  - comes in at least once a week - so we talked.” Martinez said. As a result, Martinez was able to bring the sultry sights and sounds of the islands to Loganville for the grand opening of in May this year.

Torres, and her family of Hula dancers, is part of a nationwide directory of Polynesian dancers and entertainers providing tropical island themed entertainment from the islands of Hawaii, Samoa, New Zealand and Tahiti. The dancers also provide a band that covers a wide range of music from island-themed to more traditional local music.

The object of the entertainers is to take the audience to a tropical beach in their minds and let them become part of the experience – from the sultry moves of the Hula dancers to the excitement of the Magical Nights of Fire. The show is interactive and the dancers involve the audience, teaching them the traditional island dance moves. This was evident at the grand opening of Rey’s Cuban Café when the parking lot in front of his Loganville restaurant became an island paradise with local adults and children becoming Hula dancers themselves - even if just for a while.

Torres said she and her dancers perform all over the southeast and can be hired for children’s and adult parties as well as for performances. She can be contacted by phone at 678-458-9500 or 706-790-1033 and through the Facebook page at http://facebook.com/magicalfires


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