Buy Local or Risk the Wrath of Walton County Sheriff Joe Chapman

A tongue-in-cheek Youtube video, starring Walton County Chamber of Commerce Board Chairman Jimmy Parker and Sheriff Joe Chapman, showing why it is important for Walton County residents to shop local.

With Black Friday almost done, now is the time to get the important shopping done – on Small Business Saturday.

At the November chamber luncheon, Walton County Chamber of Commerce Board Chairman Jimmy Parker explained how important it is to the Walton County community that residents keep their dollars at home. He said that $1 spent in Walton County generates between $5 and $14 or $15 worth of economic impact to the local community. Spend it outside the county, however, and somewhere between zero and 20 cents ever gets back to the local community.

At the meeting, Parker also was named the chamber's Person of the Month for his contribution to the Walton County community. Born and raised in Walton County, even before agreeing to step in and take over as chairman of the Walton County Chamber Board Parker has always put his time and effort where his mouth is when it comes to his support of the local community.

Last year a Buy Local campaign was implemented with plans to step it up in 2013. This tongue-in-cheek video, starring Parker and Walton County Sheriff Joe Chapman as well as several other local community members, gives a humorous illustration of the impact of buying local. It also highlights some Walton County businesses that would welcome your support on Small Business Saturday when you head out to do your Christmas shopping.

Take a few minutes to watch the video, have a good laugh, and see just how many local faces you recognize. Then let the message sink in and head out to Buy Local!

M.A.Dawson November 23, 2012 at 10:49 PM
Ridiculous. And you wonder why people think that all Walton citizens are ignorant trailer trash bumpkins.


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