Walton County Has Spoken and Given Us Our Cutest Couple

It was a close race until Shannon and Mark Allen came along - and then the choice was overwhelming.

One thing is obvious, we all love love - and Walton County residents are no exception.

We had such great entries for our search for Walton County's Cutest Couple and so appreciate you sharing the photographs of your love and dedication to each other. We also appreciate those who shared their thoughts on whose love story they would like to hear about. Some were drawn to the new, young love of Anna and Ruan - about to start on their journey together and others were drawn to the commitment of Brandi and Kris Parker who have used the union of their love to help others. But once the story of Shannon and Mark Allen surfaced, it was all over bar the shouting. A love and dedication that deep is hard to beat. 

These were the top three choices, so here's what I would like to do. Most of us know the story of Mark and Shannon since he was so severely injured in Iraq, but we don't really know what it was in the foundation of that love that has enabled it to endure as it has. That's the story I would like to know. So I'm going to ask Shannon to tell me their early love story - how and where they met and what made their commitment so strong. That will be our main feature.

But I would also like to know how Kris and Brandi met, what has made their relationship so strong that they can spread it around to so many others in need. So Kris and Brandi, I will be looking for your love story too.

And finally, Walton County, it looks like we have a big wedding coming up in July with Ruan and Anna - how can we not find out the story behind that love. Ruan and Anna, not only will I be looking for your love story, but we want to see those wedding pictures this summer too! 

Congratulations and thank you for sharing all those cute couples pictures. I will work on getting the top three love stories together. When I post them, I invite all the other couples to tell us their love story in the comment section. Like I said, we obviously all love a love story and I for one would like to know all of them.

Here is some background information that we already have on Mark and Shannon Allen.

  • Welcome Home SPC Mark Allen
  • Arrangements Finalized for Wounded Soldier's Homecoming
  • A Wounded Soldier Comes Home
  • Volunteers from Home Depot Upgrade Wounded Veterans

And here is some on Brandi and Kris Parker

  • Inspiring People: Kris and Brandi Parker
  • I Resolve
  • Who Knew it Would be This Hard
  • Life Lessons From Mito
David Binder February 16, 2013 at 07:26 AM
Congratulations to all 3 couples for well deserved recognition.


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