Thunderstorms Forecasted Throughout the Evening Hours

Keep your eye on the weather and be prepared ... just in case!

Our own North Georgia Weather blogger warned us of potential bad weather headed our way on Christmas Day and though it didn't seem to affect Santa's efforts, there's still some potentially powerful storms headed towards Gwinnett and Walton Counties. 

Though we woke up with some foggy skies, the rain is expected to start mid-afternoon and storms may intensify throughout the evening hours. The Weather Channel warns of a large squall line with "the potential for widespread damaging winds and at least a few rain-wrapped tornadoes possible." These could reach into the Atlanta area during the evening and throughout the morning hours on Wednesday, Dec. 26.

Forecasters have suggested that people in the expected areas be prepared overnight and make sure that alert systems are operational in the event of warnings. Overnight storms and tornadoes are especially dangerous. 

What can you do to be as safe as possible? Be ready. Some helpful advice can be found at e-how.com:

  • Avoid projectiles. Severe thunderstorms can produce high winds which can turn lawn furniture and toys into hurtling projectiles.
  • Stay where you are. Avoid driving if possible - heavy rains and winds - unexpected flodding, slick roads. Why would you really want to be out in all that?

  • Find shelter; you just are not safe out in the open. Inside your home is best, but if you are out in your car when a storm hits, park your car. Stay away from tall trees, metal bridges, and bodies of water. If you are out in the elements, become the smallest target possible.

  • Turn off appliances. Electricity attracts electricity. Unplugging all electronics and appliances lessening the likelihood of a lightning strike while protecting your belongings from a power surge should the power go off and back on.

  • Stay away from water sources. Avoid swimming pools, lakes and running water inside the home. Water is an excellent conductor of electricity.

  • So be prepared. Get those new batteries in your flashlights and put them by your bed; charge up your cell phones and keep them handy. Candles? May as well use those festive pillars if you have them and activate any alerts you may have on your phones or radios. 





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