Here are Seven Items You Can Donate to Save Space - and Money

Goodwill® Offers Tips for De-cluttering before the Year’s End

December 26, 2012 Atlanta – Taxpayers looking to claim a deduction for charitable donations only have a few days left to give before the end of the 2012 tax year. Goodwill of North Georgia is preparing for what will be its busiest donation rush of the year. “We always receive our heaviest volume of donations from December 26th to December 31st. Last year we received more than 87,000 donations during the last week of the year,” says Director of Public Relations Elaine Armstrong. The organization has more than 100 locations where you can drop off items. Goodwill says making a donation can help families de-clutter items they’ve accumulated during the year and make room for new things they received for Christmas. When you give items in good used condition or better to the nonprofit, your donations may be claimed as a deduction on your 2012 taxes. Goodwill says you can create space in your home by donating the following seven things. 

  1. Clothing and shoes: Take a look through your closets and drawers for items you have duplicates of, things you no longer fit, or pieces you just don’t wear. Be sure to check all of the pockets for things hiding inside that you wish to keep.
  2. Books: If you’ve upgraded from paperbacks to an e-reader or you’re simply running out of space on your bookshelf, consider getting rid of a few books.
  3. CDs and DVDs: If your favorite songs are stored on our iPod and you’re streaming movies from Netflix, chances are those CDs and DVDs are just collecting dust.
  4. Kitchen Appliances: Panini makers, espresso machines, and waffle irons all come in handy when you use them. If that’s only once or twice a year, make space on your countertops by donating them.
  5. Cell phones: Unused cell phones are one of the fastest-growing types of trash in America. Instead of discarding your old phone donate it. Just be sure to delete personal data and contacts before you do.
  6. Household items: An abundance of figurines, candleholders and baskets can quickly clutter up a space. Removing some of them will help your favorites stand out in a room.
  7. Computers: Box up used computers, monitors, and mice that are taking up space around your home. When you donate them to Goodwill, through a partnership Dell Reconnect those items are recycled responsibly.

Donors should be sure to double check what they plan donate before leaving the house. In addition to making more room and claiming a tax deduction, Armstrong says Goodwill donors are making a positive impact on their community. “Each time someone makes a donation or a purchase, they are helping us put thousands of people to work through job training and employment services.”  

You can make your donations in Loganville at the donation center in Highway 78  or at Goodwill in Monroe at 2120 Spring Street.


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