Church Youth Organize Benefit for Their Pastor

Youth from the Chestnut Grove Baptist Church in Grayson organized a concert, bake sale and silent auction to help raise funds for the medical expenses of their youth pastor and his family.

Anyone who questions just how the next generation is going to turn out can take heart - they're going to be just fine. This was evident Saturday when a 15 and 17-year old from Chestnut Grove Baptist Church in Grayson took command and organized a benefit to help raise funds for the family of Jason Brooks, youth pastor at Chestnut Grove. They solicited the help of Jason's brother, Ryan Brooks, and organized a silent auction, bake sale and concert. Both Jason and Ryan are Patch bloggers.

"I think at the end of the day they raised about $1,500," said Sandy Grogan, mother of 15-year-old Jesse Grogan. "She and her boyfriend, Austin Cooper (17) got together to arrange this. I've watched the two of them grow up so much while doing it."

The event took place at Graystone Church, which is Ryan's congregation. 

"No one wants to ask for help because most would like to think that they can handle any situation, but when someone wants to bless you, whether you feel you're worthy or not, let them," Ryan Brooks wrote in his blog. "In this case, Jason is the youth pastor at Chestnut Grove Baptist and his youth know his family's situation.  These youth have decided to take the teachings from Jason about Jesus and the bible and put it into action by doing something greater than themselves for someone else.  There is no greater thing than watching determined youth work positively towards a goal as a unified unit and these youth are making a change that will positively impact the lives of people that they so desperately care about."

Although Jason has some medical issues he himself needs to take care of, he said he was most concerned about his daughter, who is a chronic asthmatic. She is scheduled to begin undergoing tests at Scottish Rite to see if anything can be done to help her medical issues. He said he was humbled by the action of the youth in his church congregation.

"It's humbling and challenging to know that so many people love you like that," he wrote in his blog. "It's like having your funeral before you die; you get to see how much your life mattered. And now, I get to go out and make it count even more."

Jesse Grogan said they did it because of how much Jason does for them.

"He's always there for us. This was something we could do for him," she said.

Good Grief Y'all January 23, 2013 at 12:07 PM
Heartwarming! God bless the Brooks family and the youth.
Austin Cooper January 23, 2013 at 08:33 PM
We ended up with close to $2500 :)


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